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If you did not, you should. You will be surprised when you realize how much money you can save if you opt for these discounted tickets. If you are going on a holiday, the money that you save by opting for these tickets could enable you to enjoy a luxury trip and also leave you with enough to bring a few souvenirs for the folks back home.

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You may go through the websites of all the airlines and compare all the deals and offers that are being offered by them. To help customers, some sites try to gather all the information about discount airline tickets in one place and allow customers to choose the option that suits them the most. However, you must be careful while choosing because these offers are often available only on flights that take off or arrive at weird hours. Though attractive discounts are also offered on non-'red-eye' flights, you must remember that service providers try to squeeze as much as flying time as possible from every plane to provide these discounts. Sometimes the schedules are such that the effects of delays are exaggerated.

Another way to get discount airline tickets is to buy your tickets from agents who have long term agreements with the airlines. These agents book tickets in bulk to get them at lower rates. Since many tickets are booked through the agents, they are given other benefits too. For example, these fares are often refundable. The airline refunds the money because it knows that someone else will book tickets through that particular agent later. When individuals book tickets, they usually get a credit that they have to use within a year. Sometimes people can also change the dates of travel if they book the flights through these agents. However, usually a fine has to be paid to change dates.

Another way of saving money on flying expenses is to book as early as possible. Last minute bookings are always very expensive.

If you plan to go on a trip, you may consider buying your tickets from an agent that offers package deals that include arrangements of staying and traveling in foreign locations. That way you'll save a lot of time hunting for hotels or local transport.

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